TechnologyBattery Safety


A risk of unexpected environmental conditions or defaults can create an accidental or uncontrolled energy release. GRST puts an great effort to improve the overall battery safety to a higher level, through battery material modifications and structural design.

    – Advanced cathode materials with higher thermal stability
    – Advanced separator with higher heat-resistant temperature over 250°C (vs. conventional PP and PE separators: 120-140°C).


Comparison of Nail Penetration Tests

Conventional Lithium-ion
GRST Lithium-ion

GRST battery keeps inert in a Nail Penetration test.


Nail Penetration Test in Different Charging State

SoC: 100%

SoC: 105%

SoC: 110%


GRST lithium-ion battery shows excellent stability in the nail penetration test,
even in the overcharging state (SoC: 110%), no fire or explosion.