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GRST is a technology-based company focused on developing advanced lithium-ion battery on the basis of green and sustainability. From breakthrough water-based battery manufacturing to innovations in battery systems and green water-based recycling, we offer our customers complete energy storage solutions to meet their specific application needs.

Founded in 2015, GRST core proprietary technology is built on novel water-based green manufacturing developed more than 8 years. Today, GRST is headquartered in Hong Kong. Through the factory acquisition in China, we have positioned ourselves as a vertically integrated energy storage solution provider.

Partnering with customers, GRST enables the rapid development and delivery of innovative products that meet demand in both existing and emerging markets, whether high energy density or high cycle stability and fast charging, or a combination of both.

GRST – Your Innovative lithium-ion battery technology provider


GRST always puts sustainability, reliability and performance as our top priority in our business. We provide total solutions for:

    – the production of a green and high-performance lithium-ion battery with competitive costing.

    – the development of reliable battery energy storage systems for the rapidly changing electromotive, industrial,
       consumer electronics, and renewable energy storage markets.